How Does Travel Inspire You?

How Does Travel Inspire You?

A guest blog I contributed for the The Travelling Tapir, a wonderful site full of travel tales and tips run by Alice Darby! 

According to my good old friend, maybe Siri’s great-great-great grandmother, Merriam-Webster simply defines inspiration as “something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create.”

Artists, musicians, philosophers, and many other types of individuals have been inspired by many things – perhaps an apple clinging for dear life on a tree, or a beautiful figure serving as someone’s muse. For every person inspired, there is that source of inspiration that elevates his or her creative essence to an unexplainable level, one that rivals the feeling when a teenage girl receives her first Justin Bieber poster (or so I’ve heard).

For me, and I’m also carefully assuming for you too, its travel. So how does travel inspire ME?

Food: Travel inspires me to try new things, and to put weird food, sometimes moving, in my mouth!

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