Top 5 Things NOT To Do In Iceland!

Iceland is a beautiful and amazing country to spend your hard earned dollars traveling to!  With so much gorgeous natural scenes, delicious cuisine, and friendly people, it’s truly a wanderlust’s perfect destination. With so many awesome and cool things you can do here, such as chasing waterfalls, walking on glaciers, and watching the northern lights, here are

Despite Brexit, 6 Reasons Why England Is The BEST Destination To Ease Into Solo Travel

England, one of the four areas that make up the United Kingdom, is possibly one of the most well known cultures outside of the United States. At some point, we all had some desire to visit the land of fish & chips and kings and queens. Has an opportunity to visit the world across the pond

Chasing Waterfalls and Glaciers! Iceland, Pt. 3

Don’t go chasing waterfalls…unless you are in Iceland, where it is mandatory! Iceland makes even the most amateur photographers look like professionals as the landscape provides the most incredible views from any angle! An early day started with breakfast before heading out on a tour bus as we look to explore some of Iceland’s natural

Whale Watching, Geothermal Spas & Hot Dogs! Reykjavik, Iceland Pt. 2

We’re going whale watching! Yes, let me use my GoPro! NOOO, I left my USB cable at home. $40 dollars later… Word of advice for those traveling to Iceland – it is an expensive country. A really expensive country. Since I left my USB cable at home, I needed to scour the town and look

Snow, Shark, Street Art, & Northern Lights – Reykjavik, Iceland Pt. 1

Finally, the nice sunny weather is making an appearance in New Jersey.  But who needs spring when you can chase Northern Lights in Iceland! It was the end of March and we were headed into some pleasant weather heading into April.  So instead of welcoming the warm weather, I decided to embrace more of the

Great Scott! I’m In Love With This City & Haggis – Edinburgh, Scotland

My train leaves at 8AM and it’s 7:30AM…I hope I don’t miss my train.  Please travel gods…spare me. I was a bit in a pickle as I couldn’t sleep the night before and had to get up early to get to the train station.  I had planned to get up by 6AM, but after falling

Of Course It’s Aliens! Stonehenge and Bath – England Pt. 3

“We’re not sure how these stones got here.” Those were the words that came out of my tour guide’s mouth.  Either he was playing a silly joke or is just plain dumb, but It’s pretty obvious that its aliens. As I sat in my tour bus listening to my pleasantly funny tour guide, who actually

Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, & Poppies Fish and Chips – London, England Pt. 2

I woke up today feeling a lil’ moar British.  Probably from the late night British TV I was watching while chowing down on some fish and chips. As I researched this solo trip to London, the biggest piece of advice that I read was to prepare for English weather. Fickle.  Unpredictable.  Cranky.  Moody.  Apparently, sometimes