Serene Scenes at Arashiyama Bamboo Forest and Friendly Deer at Nara Park – Kyoto, Japan Pt. 3

Walking through a forest has always given me a sense of serenity that only nature can provide.  But walking through one in Arashiyama that’s lined with bamboo brings inner peace to a whole new level. Just a short walk from the Kinkaku-ji Temple was the town of Arashiyama, which is pretty famous for its beautiful

Must Try Japanese Street Food & Delicacies in Kyoto, Japan!

You can certainly sample the best foods a country has to offer by simply walking the streets!  Japan is no stranger to delicious street food – here are some Japanese street food that I sampled here in Kyoto! Japanese Street Food – Totemo Oiishi! Before you enter Fushimi Inari-taishi, you will find a number of street

Orange and Golden Japanese Temples, Fushimi Inari-taisha & Kinkaku-ji – Kyoto, Japan Pt. 2

Kyoto is known for it’s majestic and amazing Japanese temples…and it doesn’t disappoint! Japanese Temples in All Kinds of Colors! After a good night’s rest, I was ready to take on Kyoto and all it’s cultural splendor!  First order of business was to visit Fushimi Inari-taisha, famously known for orange colored Shinto shrines.  Getting here

Akihabara Electric Town, Diver City, and Why I Love Japan – Tokyo, Japan Pt. 3

All good things must come to an end.  But not without first eating some Japanese curry! Although this is the last day of our amazingly epic Asia trip, it’s only the beginning of my insatiable love for Japan.  We had one day left here in Tokyo and guess what? The sun decides to come out

Ramen Adventures, Shibuya’s Crossing, and Alcatraz E.R.?? Strange Things in Tokyo, Japan – Part 2.

Please no more rain.  I’d like one day of Japanese sunshine. Eghhh…it’s cloudy but dry.  OK i’ll take that. The day started off with me peering out the window hoping for clearer skies.  Walking in torrential rains with knee soaked sneakers and jeans is no fun.  It was a cloudy day, but no rain in

Dreams Do Come True! K-Pop, Kitties, and Final Fantasy? Here I Come Tokyo, Japan – Part 1!

Is this real life?  Am I really on my way to Japan, the land of all things crazy? It’s been a dream of mine to visit Japan since I was a young boy carelessly spending hours of my life playing Super Mario Brothers and watching Astro Boy.  Everything I’ve enjoyed growing up seemed to have been

I’m In A Shanghai State of Mind – Our Final Stop in China!

You must be punished! While we were in Xi’An, one of my friends had purchased a souvenir sword from the Terracota Warriors museum gift shop.  They had suggested to him that he should ship it back to the United States, but he politely declined to save costs.  Well, when it came time to fly to

Xi’An, China – Not Quite the Dubs, But These Terracota Warriors Are Ballers Too

It’s 4:30 AM.  It’s raining.  My ankle hurts.  And we’ve circled every floor and every inch of the train station.  Our train leaves at 7AM and we can’t find where we need to pick up our tickets.  GRRRRRRR. Although enjoyable in a torturous sense, being a country that barely speaks English is quite the challenge.