I’m In A Shanghai State of Mind – Our Final Stop in China!

You must be punished! While we were in Xi’An, one of my friends had purchased a souvenir sword from the Terracota Warriors museum gift shop.  They had suggested to him that he should ship it back to the United States, but he politely declined to save costs.  Well, when it came time to fly to

Xi’An, China – Not Quite the Dubs, But These Terracota Warriors Are Ballers Too

It’s 4:30 AM.  It’s raining.  My ankle hurts.  And we’ve circled every floor and every inch of the train station.  Our train leaves at 7AM and we can’t find where we need to pick up our tickets.  GRRRRRRR. Although enjoyable in a torturous sense, being a country that barely speaks English is quite the challenge.

The Most Amazing Embankment I’ve Ever Seen In My Life – The Great Wall of China

Please do me (and you) an incredible favor and put the Great Wall of China on your bucket list.  RIGHT.  NOW. YES.  RIGHT.  NOW.  PLEASE. I never considered visiting the Great Wall of China unless I somehow stumbled upon a chance to randomly visit it.   So I’m doing you a favor and telling that

Beijing, China – Riding Bicycles, Duck, and Dancing!

“I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day…” As I slept through the flight from Hong Kong to Beijing, the sounds of the Temptations and other soulful classic tunes somehow eased my throbbing ankle.  Much like the same way I got on, I was treated like a VIP as I was skillfully maneuvered around in a